Tourist boom in Russia


The 2018 world football cup in Russia will ensure a drastic increase in the number of tourist arrivals to this country from all over the world. The number of foreign tourists may grow by 10% as against this year as early as in 2012.

Russia’s win of the 2018 FIFA World Cup bid will understandably generate interest in this country’s culture, nature etc. It is always preferable to see things for oneself than to look at photos in the Internet. Russia should therefore get ready for a drastic increase in the inflow of foreign tourists and should get down to developing its entire tourist infrastructure energetically without delay, says the vice-president of the Russian Union of Tourist Industry Yuri Barzykin, and elaborates.

Hosting a FIFA World Cup, Yuri Barzykin says, certainly presupposes the construction of both sports facilities and new hotels, as well as the rest of infrastructure. All cities that will host sports competition will form part of tourist routes. Secondly, both fans and travellers will be able to discover on the map of Russia some altogether new areas, with their own cultural, historical and natural potential. Russia has made it to the world’s top five nations that boast the greatest potential of this kind. This will certainly provide a fresh impulse for promoting these areas on the tourist market.

The expert goes on to say that the preparations for the 2018 FIFA World Cup should provide for advertizing, building, hotel classification, and service improvement, in short everything that would enable the major tourist powers to improve their situation on the world tourist market. Russia does have a chance of improving its position on that market, so it should waste no time.

Foreign fans will certainly be attracted by the fact that they will be able to come to Russia visa-free. Russia first made it possible for foreign fans to come to Moscow visa-free for two days several years ago to attend a game involving Manchester United. This helped Moscow earn over 40 million dollars. 8 Russian seaports have been using the visa-free regime for some time now for passengers of cruise ships and ferries arriving in Russia for 72 hours. But this will not be enough for the FIFA World Cup, says Yuri Barzykin, and adds.

Today Russian leaders claim that they will abolish visas for the Cup games period, says Yuri Barzykin. Talks have been effectively under way with the European Union for a while on easing the visa regime terms. In short, residents of the countries that pose no danger in terms of migration will have to ask for no Russian visas.

Foreign tourists entering Russia will be insured against risks by foreign insurance companies. But the scale of the event will call for some extra insurance policies. So, the Russian insurance market will have to launch cooperation with the international companies that have been active on the international market to guarantee effective assistance whenever necessary. Certain progress has already been made to that end, with international medical centres set up in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

January 9th, 2011 by